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Attention:It is necessary that the person using a wheelchair can sit in the taxi.The foldable wheelchair will be put in the luggage compartment.

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Lisbon Airport Taxi


Lisbon taxisWhatever your needs are: luxury cars, big cars for your family, car seats for children, the ideal solution for you is a private taxi from Lisbon Airport. You can reach the city center, your accommodation or any other point of interest quickly and easily, with a professional transfer service and drivers waiting for your arrival at the airport. Visiting Lisbon is an experience that remains in the heart and with the convenience of safe airport transfers everything becomes even easier and more pleasant.

With its three million inhabitants (including the entire metropolitan area), alone, it is able to contain one third of the whole population of Portugal. The neuralgic center of the country, it's the first tourist destination with its fine sandy beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean, attracting surfers from all over the world, thanks to the giant waves. Born right on the western mouth of the long river Tago (which alone crosses most of the two countries of the Iberian Peninsula longitudinally), Lisbon gives us two of the most beautiful panoramic and futuristic bridges that exist in Europe: "The April 25th Bridge" built in 1966 and the "Vasco da Gama Bridge" built in 1998 on the occasion of the Expo '98.

Lisbon is a polyhedric city and a European cultural center (European Capital of Culture in 1996), thanks to its numerous and prestigious universities, 29 museums and its ancient history, which from the Neolithic, through Romans and Phoenicians up to the Arab domination, marked for ever the architecture and the plan of its historic center, which has always developed within the very particular natural harbor, ideal landing point for any merchant ship coming from every part of the known world.

What to see in Lisbon

Among the most interesting places to visit in the capital of Lisbon we point out the following:

  • Belém Tower: symbol of the city, it is located in the district with the same name and is a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Alfama: Lisbon's vital and popular district, which makes you fall in love with its very narrow streets.
  • Miradouro de Santa Luzia: Lisbon viewpoint, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city.

Lisbon airport

Lisbon Airport is situated in the city of Portela, about 10 km north of the capital city center. Named after Humberto Delgado, a Portuguese politician and general, he is currently the hub of the TAP flag company, as well as Ryanair and Easyjet.

The airport has 2 terminals and among the services that offers to travellers there are free and unlimited wifi, ATMs, various restaurants and shops and the luggage storage.

From Lisbon Portela Airport you can reach the city center by underground, which with its red line will allow you to get downtown in less than half an hour. For those wishing to choose the city bus, the Aerobus 91 runs from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. However, the disadvantage shared by metro and bus is that they don't accompany tourists directly to their accommodation but, depending on the destination, it is often necessary to change various transport means.

Public taxis also operate from the airport, but at night and on weekends, a 20% increase is expected.

Approximate Taxi cost from Lisbon airport

 Lisbon Taxi 1-4 people 5-6 people 7-8 people
Lisbon airport - Belém Tower from 26€ from 36€ from 45€
Lisbon airport - Alfama from 26,55€ from 36,80€ from 45,55€
Lisbon airport - Miradouro de Santa Luzia from 28,70€ from 37€ from 46€

Distances between Lisbon Airport and some points of interest

  • Portela airport - Belém Tower: in order to reach this highly symbolic place, just take the A36 motorway and it will take about a quarter of an hour (in absence of traffic).
  • Portela airport - Alfama: those who want to visit this characteristic neighborhood can do it along the Av. Santo Condestavel, thanks to which it will take 15 minutes to cover 8 km.
  • Portela airport - Miradouro de Santa Luzia: who wants to enjoy the 360 ° view of Lisbon, will reach the viewpoint in about 20 minutes.

 Lisbon Transports

Urban and extra-urban public transport is made up of the thick underground network, buses and trams (very famous are the elevadores, symbol of the city). The latter allow tourists to get on and off the steep hills of Lisbon.

The subway network consists of 4 lines of different colours and runs from 6:30 am to 1 am. Obviously it is the fastest way to get around the city, even if you lose the panoramic view you would have visiting it on foot or by bus.

Trams are the most spectacular and typical part of the Portuguese capital, in particular the tram 28, a true icon of the city, which runs through the whole historic center.

Public taxis in Lisbon have fairly accessible prices and are green and black. They are widely used by tourists and especially by tourists who love nightlife, who return to their accommodation late at night when the metro lines are not operating. However, their rates are not fixed but determined by the taximeter placed on each vehicle. In addition, there are various additional supplements for various factors: night time schedules, luggage, telephone bookings, etc.

To understand how the Lisbon public transport network works, it is advisable to visit the official website of the company that manages the public transport of the capital, that is Carris. service at Lisbon Airport

The Taxi Lisbon service guarantees professional transfers, which allow the traveller to know in advance the total cost of the service, in addition to the convenience of receiving the welcome of his driver directly inside the airport. This service is ideal for all those who want airport transfers without change of means, ie direct to the place of interest and without the stress of the weight of the suitcases. You will have the opportunity to choose the driver who, if available, can also be in Italian, for those who do not speak Portuguese, and who will wait for you at the terminal exit, inside the airport, ready to make you get into the car that you have chosen.

Through a simple booking form, you can decide in time the capacity of the car on which to go, which is very important because you will save on price, avoiding paying extra parking spaces, which otherwise would remain empty.

Why choose

Taking into account the above considerations, it is clear that the best way to travel to and from Lisbon is the private, comfortable, fast taxi at the right price (calculated on distances and not with a taximeter). For this reason, we recommend booking this service especially to reach the neuralgic centers of the region, such as the airport, which can be reached in just 20 minutes by car. Not by chance, only from July 2012 there is a section of the metro that connects the airport to the city center, and not yet able to satisfy the enormous amount of travelers that pours into the only (not for long) Lisbon airport. The public taxi station at the airport gate exits are often very crowded. As a result, in the "race for hoarding" a free vehicle, tourists are forced to wait and often find themselves even travelling aboard the taxi with other unknown passengers.

Booking Taxi service from Lisbon Airport on is easy. Just enter the booking form of our portal, decide the dates of arrival and departure to and from the airport, and even calculate the price per person if you do not travel alone. In short, a personalized service, on a human scale, that will make you feel privileged among the millions of tourists who crowd the Portuguese capital. And for those who do not like to use the PC, there is also a telephone service with operators in Italian at your disposal and ready to help you with every step of the booking. Travelling by taxi in Lisbon has never been so convenient.

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Written by: Luca d'Alessandro

Distance between Portela Airport and Lisbon.

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