Terms and conditions

1. User Terms:

  • Taxileader.net “We”, “Us” and “Our(s)”: Taxileader.net - VAT number MT23044306 - Triq Ta Xmiexi, Msida (Malta).
  • Platform: Taxileader.net website, offering electronic or telephone mediation services and connecting the Customer and the Transport Service Providers.
  • Customer: the person using the Services of the Platform and only responsible for (the booking of) all Passengers.
  • Passenger(s): the person(s) using the Transport Service/arrangements.
  • Booking: a reservation for a Transport Service.
  • Driver: the person executing the Transfer, employed by or operating on behalf of the Transport Service Provider, the external operator/dealer.
  • Transfer: the Transfer from the Pickup Location to the Drop-off Location.
  • Transport Service Provider: the external operator/dealer in question providing the Transport Services.
  • Transport Service/arrangements: Transfer provided by the Transport Service Provider.

2. Contract & Liability:

By making a booking, the first named person (Customer) on the Booking agrees, on behalf of all Passengers detailed on the booking, that:

  • He/she read these Terms & Conditions and agrees to be bound by them;
  • He/she is the only responsible for the data provided (telephone numbers, addresses, number of Passengers and baggage, arrival and departure times);
  • He/she is the only responsible for using the Services of the Platform and only responsible for (the booking of) all Passengers.
  • He/she consents to Taxileader's use of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and are authorized on behalf of all persons named on the Booking to disclose their personal details to Us, including where applicable, special categories of data (such as information on health conditions or disabilities);
  • He/she is over 18 years of age;
  • He/she accepts financial responsibility for payment of the Booking on behalf of all persons detailed on the Booking.

Taxileader.net is a Platform that acts solely as an intermediary between the Customer and the Transport Service Provider.

Through the Platform, Taxileader provides mediation services for the provision of Transport Services from the Transport Service Providers to Customers.

Taxileader do not provide nor could be considered to provide the Transport Services by itself, since the platform is not a licensed Transport operator.

When Booking a Transport Service/arrangements through Taxileader.net, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

  • The Customer is entering into a contract with the Transport Service Provider for the provision of a Transport Service and the Customer and Transport Service Provider bear sole liability for the fulfillment of the provision of the Transport.
  • The Transfer arrangement is made between the Customer and the relevant Transport Service Provider, and Taxileader will have no liability whatsoever in respect of any costs, expenses, liabilities (including any liabilities for taxes), injuries, direct, indirect and consequential loss, damages, claims, demands, proceedings and/or legal costs incurred or suffered by the Customer or the Passengers under or in connection with any Transfer arrangement and/or Transport Services.
  • The Transport services are not operated by Us, but by external operators/dealers (i.e. The Transport Provider), who are fully licensed and the sole responsible for the service provided.
  • In case of any changes of the requested service, or when deemed appropriate, the Customer and The Transport Service Provider can modify the Booking information, by mutual agreement. Nevertheless, all changes must be communicated to the Customer Service, too. In any case, The Customer is the sole responsible for any consequence that may derive from the changes required.
  • When Booking, the Customer is required to select the Pickup time in advance. By doing so, He/She will not miss His/Her flight back, taking into account any possible delay due to traffic etc. In case His/Her time selection does not allow the Driver enough time to get to the airport, Taxileader will not be liable in any way for any losses or damages.
  • TAxileader will forward the received Bookings only to professional Transport Providers in possession of the relevant license. Despite the fact that the platform select only the best Passenger Transport companies on the market, Taxileader is not responsible for the service provided and are not liable in any way for any damages or losses to customers who have booked through the Platform.
  • We reserve the right, upon notice to the customer, to cancel reservations that violate the terms and conditions.

3. Booking:

This service is subject to availability and is not legally binding. It will not be possible to guarantee its availability until the moment of confirmation by the driver performing the transport. The Customer is expected to check all the information provided at the time of Booking to ensure it is correct, including the Pickup information. Once these details are confirmed, Taxileader will proceed to verify the Booking with the Transport Service Provider.

By making the Booking, the Customer consents that all the information is being passed on to the relevant persons and agrees that We, the Transport Service Provider or the Driver may communicate directly with Him/Her (e.g. via phone, WhatsApp or SMS) as part of the use of the Services.

After making the Booking, the Customer will receive the following emails:

  • Instantly Email/acknowledgement email, to confirm the receipt of the Booking.
  • Confirmation email of the Booking with the Transport Service Provider, few hours after the acknowledgement email, mentioning the Booking code and the meeting point at the Pickup place.
  • Email/SMS with the contact details (phone and name) of the Driver assigned to operate His/Her Transfer, a few hours before the Transport Service.
Important Legal Notice:

Please note that completion of the online Booking process, along with the acknowledgement email taxileader sends to the Customer, does not constitute the confirmation of the booking, even though on the acknowledgement email, the Booking code is depicted.

The process to confirm the Customer’s request, through the Platform, will take place only when Taxileader has received the full payment from the Customer.

Taxileader reserve the right to decline a Booking Order for any reason, including legal and regulatory reasons.

If Taxileader cannot provide the Customer with the Transport Service, in exceptional circumstances, the platform will not process His/Her order, will inform Him/Her as soon as possible and, if He/She has already paid for the services that Taxileader cannot deliver, the platform will refund Him/Her in a timely manner.

Reservations awaiting confirmation

Reservations awaiting confirmation may take 2 to 72 hours to be confirmed (72 hours only in extreme cases). Reservations awaiting confirmation which are canceled by the customer before receiving confirmation are also subject to the "Terms and Conditions".

4. Special requests:

For any special requests, the Customer should provide the information at the time of Booking.

Taxileader will pass on all such requests to the Transport Service Provider, but can't guarantee that they will be met, and the platform will have no liability to the Customer if they are not.

Car seats:

Whenever car seats for children are needed, the Customer can select the number directly on the online Booking form or on the phone.

Note that the Transport Service Provider will provide child / baby seats if requested whenever possible. However, Taxileader reminds to the Customer that being a service subject to availability and not mandatory in terms of law, it is not possible to guarantee the availability until the time of the Transport/Transfer.

Please note that Taxileader and the Transport Service Provider cannot guarantee that the seats provided will be the exact fit for the Customer’s child.

5. Prices:

The cost of Transfers varies according to the place of departure and destination, the date of the Transfer and the number of Passengers. It is therefore necessary to calculate the exact cost by filling out the booking form.

TAxileader reserve the right to amend advertised prices at any time, and also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices.

Special note: changes and errors sometimes occur, therefore the Customer should check the price of the chosen Transport Service at the time of Booking.

6. Payment:

All Charges are due, and the full amount has to be paid immediately upon making a Booking with the payment method designated by the Customer.

The Customer is solely responsible for submitting His/her real personal data when booking through the Platform. The Customer also warrants and represents that He/She is the holder or have legal rights on the payment cards and accounts details He/She provides with and that there is enough money to cover the value of the Transport Service.

TAxileader may proceed (however, is not obliged to) in an examination process of the payment details the Customer provides with when choosing credit card as a payment method or via Online Providers. In case an error, misleading statement or other problem occurs, the platform may, at its sole discretion, reject the Customer’s Order.

If full payment is not received when required, TAxileader will notify the Transport Service Provider who may cancel the Customer’s Booking and charge the cancellation fees set out in their Booking conditions.

7. Cancellation policy:

click on this link for the Refunds page.

8. Change policy:

The Customer can proceed to any changes of the Booking details up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled Pickup time by accessing the following link: https://www.taxileader.net/customer/log?lang=en

Depending on the changes requested, the Transfer price might change. On that occasion, the new Transfer price will be communicated to the Customer, and the new Transfer details will be in effect once there is payment confirmation of the new Transfer price where applicable.

If the new Transfer price is less, the Customer will be partially refunded.

If the new Transfer price is more, due to changes in pickup or drop off time or distance, the Customer will be required to pay the additional amount.

If no changes can be done, the Transfer will have to be cancelled.

9. Complimentary Waiting Time:

The Driver will be waiting for the Customer at the Pickup place at the time that is scheduled in the Booking order.

The complimentary waiting time starts counting from the scheduled Pickup time up to max. 60 minutes.

For an airport Pickup where the scheduled Pickup time is the flight arrival time and there is a flight delay, the complimentary waiting time starts from the moment the flight arrives, considering the information provided by the Customer as correct and adequate flight details.

For an airport Pickup where the Pickup time is the flight arrival time and the flight arrives earlier than the scheduled time, the scheduled Pickup time remains the initial scheduled Pickup time.

10. Flight delays or cancellation:

Taxileader shall not be liable for cancellation, rescheduling or delay of Passenger’s flights and other circumstances not depending on Taxileader's actions or inactions, and shall not be able to guarantee the waiting for the passenger at the meeting place beyond the limits of the free waiting time of 60 minutes.

In case of a delay of Transfer arrangements of more than 1 hour, the Transport Service Provider or Driver may cancel the Transport Service or charge for the additional waiting time.

11. Force Majeur:

Taxileader  nor the Transfer Service Provider shall be liable for any default or delay in the performance of the Transport Services if and to the extent that the default or delay is caused directly or indirectly by fire, flood, elements of nature, acts of war, terrorism or civil unrest, governmental actions and/or restrictions, strikes or labor shortages, epidemic or pandemic or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Taxileader and/or Transport Service Providers. In such an event, Taxileader shall notify the Customer as soon as possible.

12. Shuttle Service:

  • The shuttle service is a Transport Service shared with other Passengers (maximum 7 seats). Note that child seats can not be provided.
  • The shuttle service will be confirmed only and exclusively after receipt of the full amount; the Customer may consider the service confirmed only after the confirmation e-mail has been received from Us.
  • Passengers can carry only one bag per person on board the Shuttle. Additional baggage will not be accepted.
  • Bookings received by Taxileader with a different destination from the served area can not be considered.
    In that case, the Customer can choose to change the Booking from a shared shuttle vehicle to a private one, or change the destination or to cancel the Booking.
  • Please note that for shared shuttle service only, the pickup time may differ by about up to 45 minutes, depending on the pickup points of the different Passengers. The driver will inform the Customer in advance by SMS or any other system.
  • The Customer is required to notify the driver in case of: flight delay, baggage claim delay or any other type of delay.
  • The Customer is solely responsible for communicating a pickup time sufficient to arrive on time at the airport, even in high traffic conditions.

13. Limousine:

Every terms and conditions for the limousine service are different and are based on the city your booking is in.

Paris :

  • If a cancellation request is received by us more than 15 days prior to the scheduled pickup date, the customer will get a 80% refund.  
  • If the cancellation request is received by us 15 days prior to the scheduled pickup date, the customer will get a 40% refund.
  • No refund will be issued if the cancellation request is received by us within less than 48hours prior to the scheduled pickup date.
  • Hours and itineraries for the limousine tour have to be confirmed at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date.
  • Some Limousine company reserve the right to request a deposit in the event of damage or deterioration to the equipment during the service. 
  • Transport capacity: maximum 8 passengers per limousine.
  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for valuables left in the vehicles.

14. Water Taxi  

  • Venise

In the specific case of Water Taxi services in Venice, it is important to highlight that if the booked transportation is cancelled for any reason, the customer will not be entitled to any refund under any circumstances. This policy is applied rigorously and without exceptions, regardless of the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the Water Taxi service. Customers are advised to consider this policy when booking and planning their trips in Venice.


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