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Taxileader.net website makes available a private transfers service by car, minibus and bus, in several locations all around the world.


The cost of transfers varies according to the place of departure and destination, the date of the transfer and the number of passengers. It is therefore necessary to calculate the exact cost by filling out a part of the booking form, which can be found on almost every page of Taxileader.net website.


When you book a transfer through Taxileader.net, you automatically accept all terms and conditions of service, as listed below:

  • Taxileader reserves the right, upon notice to the customer, to cancel reservations that violate the terms and conditions.
  • All Taxi (or any other means of transport) services are not operated by Taxileader.net, but by external dealers, who are fully licensed for the service provided.
  • The external operators or dealers cited above are the sole responsible of the services provided.
  • The customer is provided with the phone number (or e-mail address) of the driver who provides the service.
  • In case of any changes to the requested service, or when deemed appropriate, the operators and the customers can modify the booking information, by mutual agreement. Nevertheless, all changes must be communicated to Customer Service, too. In any case, the customer is the sole responsible of any consequence that may derive from the changes required.
  • Taxileader.net will forward the received bookings only to professional operators and drivers in possession of the relevant license. Despite the fact that Taxileader.net selects only the best passenger transport companies on the market, Taxileader.net is not responsible for the operate of the same companies and is not liable in any way for any damages or losses to customers who have booked through this website. Those operators or agents, must be considered the only responsible part of any aforementioned damage.

Payment by credit card

When making a reservation, any credit card data will be saved on a secure server, Authorize.net, thus the service is assured. No money will be withdrawn. The money will be withdrawn only in case of no-show in the appointed place and time. The total amount of the service will be paid in cash directly to the driver. Taxileader.net guarantees that all data of the credit card will not be communicated to the operator; the same data will not be saved on Taxileader.net server, but on Authorize.net one.

Clients are the sole responsible for any information they enter (phone numbers, addresses, number of passengers and baggage, arrival and departure flight times, any connection problems they may have with their mobile phones). In the event that any of these points are not respected, Taxileader.net will have the right to charge the full amount of the service on the card, applying its terms and conditions.

In case you have chosen to pay the driver in cash, it is mandatory to respect this condition. Not paying cash to the driver, entails a fine of 20% of the total amount of the service.

Cancellation & Refunds policy

click on this link for the Refunds page.

Missing the return flight

When booking, a customer is required to select in advance the pick up time. In this way the customer will not miss his/her flight back, taking into account any possible delay due to traffic etc... In case the customer time selection does not allow him/her enough time to get to the airport, Taxileader.net will not be liable in any way for any losses or damages.

Taxileader.net is owned by Giovanni Luca D'Alessandro, Triq Gerry Zammit - Gzira (Malta).


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